Woman walks out of date early after seeing what man uses to pay for zoo date

A woman’s first date at a zoo ended in disaster, with even broken teeth involved. First dates can be nerve-wracking and not all of them go as planned.

Elena Bjrn shared on Twitter her worst first date experience ever which took place at London Zoo when she was in her 20s.

Elena, a mum-of-one, explained how she agreed to pay for her own ticket, but her date used a two-for-one voucher, meaning she paid while he got in free.

But that wasn’t the worst part. The date got worse for “many, many reasons”. Elena became worried when her date said he was “finally ready to date” after a heartbreak.

She added: “Even the way HE told the story sounded like he pursued a female friend who wasn’t interested until she got her boyfriend to tell him to leave her alone.”

Trying to escape, Elena said she needed to start on her Christmas presents, even though it was August. But then, “He then grabbed me into a weird headlock and smashed his teeth into my teeth”.

Her followers thought she shouldn’t have had to pay for the date, calling him “rude” and saying she was essentially “robbed”.

One observer remarked: “This is… Even teenage me would’ve gone 50:50 so we each got benefit from the discount. What a rude man!” Another chimed in with: “Why should he pay for you?”

Reflecting back on her nightmarish date, Elena shared that it was his idea for their date and there’s “no shame” in him being on a budget.

In addition, she commented: “I have had tremendous fun on free/extremely cheap dates in the past so I wouldn’t have minded that either. But he suggested it!”

Many people pondered whether this cheapskate date often uses vouchers as a way to cunningly score free trips.

One person pondered: “I’d like to think this is a guy who really loves zoos, has an endless supply of vouchers, and this is why he goes on dates.”

Adding to the discussion, Elena said: “Lots of men are QTing [quote Tweeting] this saying that he was a king or whatever, and if the man’s main objective was to get a free trip to the zoo then. maybe he was. But if this objective was to get lucky he failed miserably. I guess it depends what you want out of a date.”

Cheerfully, Elena ended her tale by saying that despite a “terrible, hilarious sequence of disappointments” between 2012 and 2018, she’s now “ridiculously happy with a very lovely bloke who rarely calls me ugly or scams me into free zoo trips, so fortunately it all just seems quite funny now”.

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